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Are there any plans to add an indicator on the map to make locating your "tombstone" easier?  It is incredibly frustrating to have so much accumulated, die, and then spend quite a bit of time searching for that exact location.    If that isn't in the works, map coords would make it a bit easier to locate.

I do not believe that is in the works.
I've never personally had issues with finding my death point, take a peak at your map every so often when traveling.

I agree with you, if you make the game to simple then where is the challenge? I have died several times and lost my stuff and yes I was a little irked but then it made me pay attention to where I was. I have little to complain about towards this game, it is unique  and fun. Sure rains a lot though :)

You can pinpoint in the map of where you exactly died, pin points are very useful when it comes to exploring. Join the Discord server if you still have questions left or join the Subreddit if you have any suggestions to post. You can also find useful stuff there :)