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After 80 hours or so of gameplay:

Gathering Wood... Check

Gathering Stone... Check

Make a settlement on a peninsula... Check

Adquire Copper... Check

Adquire Iron... Check

Longboat.... How do i make that O_O

PS. - Nice game, without a doubt if it appears on Steam gonna buy it :)

awesome, go get the longboat you need to defeat the elder boss. "Burn their young" 

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how do i do that?

I found those "sites" with the 4 pillars.. but i dont know how to proceed... do i attract enemies and offer them as sacrifice?

Just build stairs to the sacred fire at the centre and burn something there.

You need to have 8 Ancient Seeds to do that, and that will Summon the Elder! You can join the Discord server if you have more questions, and also have fun killing the Elder!!

It will appear on steam, sooner than you think.

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Got my Longboat finally ;)

Now to sail the 7 seas and claim lands for Odin!