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I have one question. Why did you make the player base damaged by time?? Is it supposed to be environmental factors? If so, Why is it too fast??

I just had a frustrating experience when I repaired my whole 3 story base but I forgot to repair one of the main supports. It didn't take much time until I lost half my house and all furniture and Items included in this area.

I know its supposed to be part of the survival factors but maybe consider putting an option to disable environmental damage. Hmmmm.. or maybe make it deform the structure and not make it collapse until a creature hits it or something.

If the base doesn't have a roof it is supposed to decay over time. But if your base is built correctly there shouldn't be any decay.

Munkey Funkey is right, but there is also a factor that comes into play. Which is the stability of your house, if you built way too tall and big it might lose some stablity at some poles/floors so keep it simple as much as possible!