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Latest version looks good.  Framerate still fine for me.  I like the new font on the notes.  It's a little jarring to have the music change every time you toggle between main view and item view....but perhaps we'll be interacting with each item for long enough in the actual game that that won't be an issue.

i think I'll lower the volume of the music and also have it fade in and out for a smoother transition.

Try putting 9:35 into the clock...


Heh, so after seeing this I went and looked around the game some more looking for a clue I missed, before seeing your other post.  At least in the process I discovered the hotspots on the animals that I missed before.  Twisted little bastards... :-)

hah hah well spotted.  


The penguin just wanted an ice cream, and you're all calling him a twisted bastard like the rest!