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Love it - the intro was fantastic! A great twist on classic pacman.


  • Intro graphics, dialog, zone, everything, fantastic.
  • Actual game is good take on Pacman with power ups. Big thumbs up for power-ups.
  • Graphics, sound, music all work really well
  • Controls are good


  • Camera makes it difficult to see enemies until they're upon you - and they're fast!
  • Intro sequence is buggy. I went back through a door and wandered off the map. After using a sign, my movement would continue without pressing a key
  • Powerups interface is lackluster - difficult to remember what each one did

I'd wonder if grid movement would suit pacman better - but it didn't stop me in this game.

Thanks a lot for this awesome feedback!

The post jam version will be much more better because of you. 🤓