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A nice BL game, though a bit on the short side :) I really like the art, and that the three demons have distinct differences in their nature. There's some background to all characters and the setting is good, but if you're looking for a deeply complex game with lots of plot twists, this might not be your cup of tea :)

Yet I did enjoy the game very much, especially since the happy endings weren't hard to get to ^_^ (I've only played through each demon once so far and got a happy end) Since I'm a soppy romantic I really loved Harse the best, but Karn and Soren were interesting too in their own way, and they all had their own appeal that made me want to play through their route. And like I said, the art is awesome :) So if you want some pretty distraction or to get your mind away from real life for a moment, be sure to give the game a try :)

Thank you for making the game, hope there'll be more to come in the future! ^_^