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So I am opening the game and typing my name but then the screen is just a blank grid... Do you have to have specific plugins to play overmind? I see a few others are in the server. Anyways any help you can give would be awesome. Shalom.

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Can you add more informations about your problem please:

  • What web browser do you use? (if you can tell me also the version, it would be great!)
  • Have you tried on another browser?
  • (if you know how to open it on your browser) open your browser javascript's errors console, and send it's content (when you try to connect and set your nickname) here please.

Thank you for your anwsers, I am currently working on the problem.

Changing browser should fix it.

EDIT: After investigation, it seems to be the server-side that have some errors. If you have again this kind of problems, try changing server. I am working on a patch for this problem.

EDIT2: Bug fixed.