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I don't play many visual novels +18 or in general. I'm more of a let me play a game instead of read a book, I like reading but sometime you just wanna play a game. But sometimes I'll take a risk and see what one's about. 

The early game defiantly got me as it test me on random facts I knew as a of history and random chemical facts, so that grabbed me, and I didn't miss it to much when the actual plot got going.  The plot itself is pretty good and didn't make me question twenty thousand things, and I wanna talk about that real quick.

My biggest problem is when a story takes a long time different things sometimes get very complex for better or worst. An example Lesson in Love got pretty complex but it never felt overbearing since you went in knowing things were kinda fucky, but Trouble in Paradise I got to what I'm assuming is the halfway point before I dropped it. 

Of course the other big thing is humor, but that only saves so much of novel if I'm just not having fun. There's a few other factors like how much of a sense of disbelief I can have, and character's and those both play big roles in my enjoyment .

I've gotten off topic, point the the plot didn't make itself super complex, The story's about a cult and it ends with a story about a cult. Some of the twist are a little predictable, but the story stands well enough on it's own.  There's also 1 thing in it.

Every game, no matter the genre, has that character. The character that comes in and steals the show and heart somehow. In Harem Hotel it was Android for example, and this game is no exception. Stabby Mike, gutted the competition, and then became the ringleader of the circus. 

If there's a world where he's still in that cell rotting, I don't wanna be apart of it. This guy came in and went well beyond the call of duty even amount blood debts. Didn't ask for anything just smiled and shot one of my problems away and left saying we'll meat again. A few more people may have died than needed, but you can't build an orphanage without making a few orphans.

10/10 would recommend to people who want a good visual novel and wanna meet the dnd character brought to the novel that is Stabby Mike.


Thank you so much for your comment man ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
God bless Stabby Mike ๐Ÿ™