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Didn't have a very long voyage, but it was super fun! Getting a lot of ftl vibes from it but I like the ability to actually maneuver around your opponent and the cumtomizability! Tutorial felt a little excessive, especially the first time I found an enemy, was hard to read and fight. A good idea would be to instantly go to tactical screen, so pause all action, and then explain everything then allow the player to unpause once everything has been said. Still it was a great game and I want to play it a ton more! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 



Watching the video now. Thank you for doing this! :)

Taking all feedback into account. Tutorials are pretty hard to create and there's a lot to explain. The tutorial is definitely still work in progress. From watching you play I will move the pausing thing to earlier in the tutorial and try to shorten overall. I see some things on the end that are not needed. Other things to finish the game are priority though, so this tutorial stuff will take a few weeks to be properly finalized :)

But like I said, thanks for playing and thanks for making the video!


Thanks for the response and I can understand there's a lot to explain, and tbh I think I was just overreacting a little since I was getting too pressed on time since I was recording this before I left for work.  I did however give it another run when I had more time and energy and had an absolute blast! Fully intend on playing until the very end! 

Awesome stuff! This was very cool to watch. Very fun to see you slowly get more into it and figure more stuff out.

Thanks for the cool video again!

I also followed you on twitter. I've been adding youtuberss and more active playtesters names (slightly modified usually) into the crew roster aswell. I can add you too. Can discuss that on twitter.