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Thank you for the advice. I will try

Excellent! I know they have a FAQ or something about it somewhere.

hey, i havent recieved a steam key either, are you saying that you added steam keys for us to redeem? because they should usually show up here, like this other game i have: (steam key is shown below) but on your game it just looks like this:

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Hmm, that's pretty weird. We uploaded a good deal of keys for the game. I'll check into the system to see what's up! Thanks for letting us know about that.

UPDATE: Well, I can see some keys have been claimed already. Not sure why they don't show up for you though. I will try to contact to see what's up!

thanks for looking into it! i "Claimed 187 days ago" if that matters or anything.. so i had it for a while.

Talking to currently, just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

Hey, can you e-mail us the key link you used to claim the game at Should help us clear this up!

No problem!

Great! Cheers!