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Hey Hallgrim! 'tis @DavidCodeAndArt from twitter, and I really enjoyed playing this game!

First of all, it looks great, the tutorial text is also really well written, adding to the feel of the world.
In the level select, the size differences between the level names looks a bit odd, maybe have the max or min size be a little bit less further apart.
Maybe make trees green when you hover on them, or have an effect when you click on them to feel more interactive. However, I'm sure that'll also come with more sound.
The puzzles are challenging, but feel more intuitive after you solve some of them, which makes it super-satisfying.

Overall, I can't wait to see where this game is heading! Good luck on the rest of your development (;

Thank you, Sir :D 

Thanks for the feedback, have not heard the font size pointed out yet, but i am not 100% pleased with it yet, either! Yep, the UI does need some love. 

Work continues, stay tuned :o)