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Haha, neither did I actually until I clicked on the wrong thing. It's all good though. As for the key, I'm not 100% sure how they are retrieved from but since you own the game there should be something in your account to acquire the Steam key. Maybe check where it lists the games you have on Itch and there should be an option to redeem the key somehow. If not, I'd e-mail them to inquire.

Thank you for the advice. I will try

Excellent! I know they have a FAQ or something about it somewhere.

hey, i havent recieved a steam key either, are you saying that you added steam keys for us to redeem? because they should usually show up here, like this other game i have: (steam key is shown below) but on your game it just looks like this:

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Hmm, that's pretty weird. We uploaded a good deal of keys for the game. I'll check into the system to see what's up! Thanks for letting us know about that.

UPDATE: Well, I can see some keys have been claimed already. Not sure why they don't show up for you though. I will try to contact to see what's up!

thanks for looking into it! i "Claimed 187 days ago" if that matters or anything.. so i had it for a while.

Talking to currently, just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

Hey, can you e-mail us the key link you used to claim the game at Should help us clear this up!

No problem!

Great! Cheers!