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Thank you for giving the game a second chance! Although the video was in German it's was super entertaining. It's amazing how I didn't understand a single word you were saying but I knew exactly what your saying at the same time. 

It may be a little slow at the start when the sun sets due to shadows. But your computer seemed fast enough to run it especially in the later stages of the game. 

You were so close, the bunker was behind that shack you went in.  However, well done you definitely have the skills to multitask really well. I would recommend if you do try to finish the game once again to the get the absolute newest version, (there was a bug that even if u get to the bunker it still kills you sometimes). Plus the newest version has a top view map of the place.  But all in all great video I hope to see you on the "normal" board. And maybe even join the "hard" board like the player UltraZangiefZ did just recently. 

We will be releasing more maps when we get some donations as we need money to pay for help. Thank you!