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Hey Focusless! Thanks for the kind works, really glad you can play it and like it, too :) 

I have to agree, the UI does not feel finished yet. I like the way you formulated it as "indecisive", very true. Its also good to hear explicitly that the interface of the scroll is not clear to you. I was wondering about how people perceive it. I think improvements will come with one of the next builds :) 

As related to the optimization-game idea - whoa, that is a completely different game :D When I first came up with the idea for Puzzle Pelago i was playing around with the idea of making it an actual economical game, i.e. with wares transport, resource gathering etc., until I realized that I had never seen that style of play for a puzzle game and wanted to give it a try. But the idea to make it a multi-goal-optimization game is kind of neat, I have to admit. Maybe in a future other game :)

Thanks again for the feedback!