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the stories with these characters always get me intrigued this one especially SPOILERS FOR THE VISUAL NOVEL INCASE YOU HAVENT FINISHED IT YET !!

the end when mr.smiles says its a show and that it used to be an orphanage i wonder if thats true since i havent played all of the games based on this company i do not know if we see a flashback so for all i know it could be a lie very interesting . also the use of characters that do not have a face (they may but we do not see them) is very cool :) sorry for sounding so formal in this comment but when i get intyerested in a story i tend to do that ^^ also i love the character, i like that you use colours to contrast with the gloomy backround. when i first played one of the games based within smiles inc (to the heights of my heart its a really good game and i enjoyed playing it, i made me connect to the characters and the story which makes for an amazing story and i really like how you show what jamie has to deal with as a transgender woman in the work place ^^)  i didnt like mr smiles since he seemed like a cruel person who didnt care about anything but wealth but after this i dont know how to feel about him ( if the orphanage thing is true atleast )