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Hi! I just played the 0.5 demo and I have to say you've made GIANT strides in the game polish from the last demo which didn't left me impressed to be honest (I think it was 0.2? 3? I'm not sure) Now though I really liked the game :3 It's really cool and original. The music is fitting and the sprites even move a bit :o (maybe in the future the backgrounds could be animated as well ^^) The saving system needs some work though since the saves aren't sorted by time... There could also be a little screenshot beside the save so you know which save it is. AH and also! There should be an option to go back in dialog with mousewheel, or at least a backlog button. And when you get a heart it should show which character get's the love point. Other then that I really enjoyed the game and I'm looking forward to future updates :3