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sorry to be asking again but is august 15th still on for steam release? when do we get our steam keys?


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No, that's fine to inquire! At least we know people are still curious! The August 15th, much to our shame and dismay, is being moved to September 1st. Will we move it again, no? Why did we move it now? The process to get games for release on Steam takes some time. They have to vet the store page, then the builds. We don't think there is enough time to get that done by the 15th so we added some padding. We just got the cards and assets approved two days ago and the store page won't be approved until probably the 16th or 17th. Then the build has to be approved. Due to this process there is just no way we'll ever make that, sadly.

One the flipside... that gives us time to add more polish while we wait for approval, get all the hooks and assets in place for stories 2, 3, and 4 for episodic release, and get all the keys out to everyone so they are ready to roll (keys get posted tomorrow). Plus we can finally get this damn beta out for testing before launch on the 1st. We had to do two engine upgrades so that slowed the beta down a bit (compiling takes a long time).

In short, we share any frustration in the delays and the long process we have undergone. Even if you guys aren't frustrated with it, we are and will be relieved when we finally get it out. And then we can focus on getting each episode out on time. Which will be easy since all the heavy lifting is done! If you have any questions, let us know!

UPDATE: Actually, right about now... with the keys.