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Love love LOVE this one, I really cannot overstate how much I loved it!!! The concept, the aesthetic of the whole game, the tender stories, the characters you two managed to flesh out in such short notice. I just, loved it!!!

My only critique here would be the navigation system? It took me a bit to get used to, and got lost a bit too much on the temple. Maybe it's just my dumb dog brain though! Also, despite how charming it is, it feels like the system to find artifacts feels a bit too easy? I mean, I get difficulty isn't the point of it anyways, and it's not like it stopped me from enjoying this anyways.

Overall, amazing! I want to see what you two can do in the future!! : o

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The characters were all Anna, I agree, she did a great job! =p

Thanks so much for the glowingly positive words, I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much.

And I hear you on the item collection thing. I had intended to flesh that out into something more compelling but we just didn't have time and so we kept the focus on the story stuff.

- Sam