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I'm loving the latest update! being able to add spells and magic items is incredibly helpful.

I do have a query though. In the Windows version of the app, is there a way of changing the location of the game's data directory to somewhere other than AppData? I use a PC and a tablet and being able to put the data folder in OneDrive would save me some copy/pasting, at least until you're able to implement the cloud-based solution.

Everything is looking more amazing with every update though! keep up the great work. You've single-handedly made running my first campaign several times more organised than it would have been without.

Thanks so much! There's no way to change the target directory yet, though stay tuned. I'm currently working on developing a cloud storage system. :)

I think what you can move your folder from AppData to OneDrive and make symlink in AppData folder. That's tricky but must work.