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So, I downloaded this game. I was expecting some quickly put together game, I was wrong. The way you've done this is great. I like the way the graphics are, I like the gun mechanics too. What I had a little trouble with was the enemys with guns. No matter where I went, I could never seem to dodge them. Maybe you cant or I'm not supposed to?

Otherewise, amazing game and I hope you keep developing it into something more!

Thanks so much :) Your compliments mean a lot to me, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

All feedback is great, I'm trying to improve the game at the moment so the next update covers a lot of the problems people have been having. The AI is rather simple so I understand how it'd be hard to dodge them, I'll try and work on that so in the future the AI seems a bit more smart and fun to play against.

Thanks again, all the best.

- Anthony.