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A totally unique concept you have going on!
I have to say that I haven't seen a game using the whole x-ray vision thing extensively. But you used it as a base mechanic to your game. I find that brilliant!
The art style of the game is adorable and reminds of animated movies. Pretty good choice judging the result and the time limitations.
Gameplay wise, it is straightforward what you have to do. Simple concept that is easy to follow. However things get complicated when a lot of people start appearing. It actually reminds me of find wally, but you have to spot certain items instead of a tall dude with a striped shirt!
The music selection is fitting the game a lot. Upbeat yet goofy :P
Also the selection of items is straight up hilarious xD
All in all I enjoyed this game more than I expected to be honest!
I hope the best for your next projects!!