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thank you so much for trying the game! I watched your entire video I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The game mechanics is actually based off bounds, which were a popular custom genre from StarCraft where the puzzle mechanic is purely movement based. I figured this mechanics would work well on mobile as well as bounds were massively popular in co-op play.

Also online co-op multiplayer is actually available for testing in the demo. If you get a chance you should try playing with a friend on Android and PC at the same time.

The "momentum" actually has more to do with how fast the character moves on one button press than drag/dampening. The acceleration is actually already down-tuned quite a bit on keyboard compared to click/touch controls. It can be a problem if people become competitive because click based movement will almost always give you faster acceleration. But a lot of people prefer keyboard over mouse so we'll just have to see what the community likes.

Thanks again for playing! Let me know if you have any other questions!