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So I didn't realize there were so many levels left, just kinda stopped after PART dismissed me, my bad. But the game is pretty good, there isn't a lot going on in terms of player mechanics, but the game makes good use of what's there. The traps can get pretty challenging pretty quickly, which is awesome, but it all definitely feels like a mobile game. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn't call that a good feeling either. I Loved the art style and writing more than anything else, which makes me worry a bit about the gameplay, but I did have a good time while I played.

thank you so much for trying the game! I watched your entire video I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The game mechanics is actually based off bounds, which were a popular custom genre from StarCraft where the puzzle mechanic is purely movement based. I figured this mechanics would work well on mobile as well as bounds were massively popular in co-op play.

Also online co-op multiplayer is actually available for testing in the demo. If you get a chance you should try playing with a friend on Android and PC at the same time.

The "momentum" actually has more to do with how fast the character moves on one button press than drag/dampening. The acceleration is actually already down-tuned quite a bit on keyboard compared to click/touch controls. It can be a problem if people become competitive because click based movement will almost always give you faster acceleration. But a lot of people prefer keyboard over mouse so we'll just have to see what the community likes.

Thanks again for playing! Let me know if you have any other questions!