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I love this game, very fun, but what button do you press to shoot the gun?!?! I have almost done the kill the monster ending twice now but cant manage to get the gun to shoot. 

You press the Left Mouse Button like any shooter, lol.

Thanks, not used to gaming on a computer. Saw GTlive play the game and thought it was really cool so decided to try it!

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Ah okay I see. Now I feel like a dick for my response to your question, lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed it though!


Don’t feel bad, it’s not often that you find brand new gamers on sites like this. You’re the creator right? Maybe  you could put in a patch so that when you pick up the gun it inculdes how to fire in that “only one round” message so new gamers don’t get lost. I really love the game though, so don’t feel bad!


Yeah true, that's a good idea.