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I really liked the demo. The game play feels good!

My small concerns are:

1) It feels like after the factory some game play shake-up will be needed (by the end of the factory it started to feel slightly stale). New enemies or other mechanics besides looking for keys will be nice.

2) The enemy robots all similarly look like gray waste bins. Not to say they look bad, but I wasn't able to distinguish between them fast enough to avoid damage occasionally. Maybe repainting some of their colours could help. Or anything you can think of. Or do nothing. It didn't bother me much!

It was good! The 'cold open' was a nice style choice. Fun fun fun.

Hey thanks for playing!

Regarding your points:

  • The demo ends with the end of Level 1 and after that you're out of the factory and in to "Maynard Forest". So there'd be new enemies, new tilesets, etc. I thought about ditching the "key search" mechanic for the 2nd level since it's a forest but it is in place for now. To me the only alternative I can see is making larger levels and having them take longer to get through (a la Mega Man).
  • I definitely plan on sprucing up the enemies a bit. Most of the art on them is first pass. I've come to realize that they need to pop off the background a bit.
Thanks again!