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Pause menu config options don't respond to clicks. The "start" button on initial load takes several attempts before it responds. The feedback thing accessed by pressing "H" also does not respond to clicks or to typing, or I'd have put this bug report there. I don't know whether the plant/fertilize thing wasn't working or whether it just has to be on a certain type of ground that I haven't seen (since I've seen gray and blue already, and saw something pink but too far away to get to).

Other comments make me feel pretty confident that there's more to the game than what I've seen thus far; I will withhold commentary on the actual game until I can actually play it (and fix the too-high mouse speed that's stopping me from aiming well enough to descend safely).

I'm running the Linux version, installed via the itch desktop application.


Hi! Apologies for the glitchiness. For certain versions of Unity, Linux has problems registering mouse clicks. It's sadly something that I don't have a direct fix for; however, I just rebuilt the game using a new Unity version, which should with luck fix the problem!