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First off, a comparison I'm sure you have gotten/will get quite a bit, this reminded me a lot of A Story About My Uncle, which I loved. The movement system you've constructed and showcased so far is fantastic and I look forward to seeing it used in more situations than static platforming, but I also really hope the full game builds on the mechanics a bit more as I can see the triple hook getting a bit stale if it's used in the same ways for the whole game, I talk quite a bit about a static swinging version as a possibility, no clue if that's something you've already implemented or plan on, but release date is close so I'm not sure how much more can be done.

My two real complaints are the waypoint system and the consistency of the VO quality. The canary is brilliant, but, from what I could tell, the waypoint only shows up when the canary is already within view distance making it a bit redundant, but the canary can also be hard to spot from a distance making it hard to find in the first place. I'm thinking the waypoint should be active when you're farther away to give a general sense of direction and disappear when you can almost see the canary. But I could be wrong in what I remember seeing of the point.

The VO quality makes me think there was some freelance voice work done on the project and the difference in quality between the player character and Lana is pretty jarring. I talked a bit about adding some in-world reason to make her voice a bit distorted, the radios are a perfect way to do so, though those sounded identical to when she spoke directly to us. Some sort of mask on the character or static and distortion on the radio would go a long way to making the different quality audio mesh well into the same world.

Looking forward to the full release, hope you find the feedback valid and useful!