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Thanks for the detailed reply! I will try to write down some specific cards and things as I play more but for now I cannot think of anything specific. I also haven't made it past the second zone yet so I am probably missing a lot of the game! 

In regards to the leveling system I like the idea of getting better rarity cards the higher level you are. I just wish there were more options which is what I am used to from other games like Dream Quest and Slay the Spire. However if you wanted smaller pool of cards then that makes sense. I just feel like that small pool makes the leadership deck feel very similar each play through. I haven't unlocked any other classes though so I am not sure if those change that up at all. 

I understand that feedback. However more cards would require me to a) design a bunch more balanced cards, b) buy more artwork for those cards and c) would completely break the levelling screen as it exists currently.

But I'll think on it!