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I want to request a idea, but its very long so be warned: Make drawers, that are searchable(and cabinets also searchable) like you can search on them, and find the items like B-Soda, Chocolate bars, quarters or just simply web or dust.

Imma do a drop chance of the drawers

Dust: 79%      Cabinet Chance: 100%

Webs: 75&     Cabinet Chance: 98%

B-Soda: 53%  Cabinet Chance: 26%

Chocolate Bar:63%    Cabinet Chance: 22%

If you read this comment (mystman12) You can edit the drops, 

I also want to request SOME items:

Decoy Dropper: It has chance of 9% to appear on the drawers , 4% To appear on cabinets.

The reason its so rare its because its useful, very very useful, It Deploys an decoy and can be used up to 3 times. The decoys make noises that lead baldi to the decoy, when Baldi finds the decoy, it will dissapear and baldi will chase you again.

Other idea of item: Flashlight

Drawer drop chance: 38% Cabinet Chance: 47%

The flashlight can stun Baldi, The Principal and the sock (when u collected all 7 notebooks), Broom and bully wont be affected by the flashlight

The stun time is 2 seconds, The stun seconds last longer if you point at them in dark areas, thats why i want to like recommend a generator which is down in a basement which requires a key to unlock, shutting it down will make enemies not be able to see you, but baldi can, Well he cannot see you but Hear you , The key for the generator room haves a 10% chance on drawers and cabinets. So its pretty rare, the flashlight is very useful after you shutdown the generator. In darkness the stun time increases from 2 to 12 . Oh and also recommend Malfunctioning lights, With temporary makes a dark area from 1 to 5 seconds The stun time increases from 2 to 3 .

This is the last item, or maybe not that i request: Sound Muffler

Now this is the rarest item in the game, well because its OP and USEFUL.

It has 1% chance to appear on drawers and cabinets, it also can actually appear in lockers, but 2% instead.

The sound muffler muffles any sounds the player makes for 30 seconds. Makes baldi unable to hear you, so he goes aimless trying to find you. 

It muffles doors, lockers,drawers and cabinets, or any type of sound you make.

If baldi finds you using it, He will chase you, but if you lose him, he stops chasing you and he goes back to aimless hunt for the player.

Now DEFINITELY the last item i will request (not request just give idea.): The Notebook radar, Now please note that this is the OPPEST item in the game, (if it gets added.) It can only be found in the basement, only in cabinets, which are rare to find in the basement. a way to know that there is a notebook radar in a cabinet you find, its that cabinet is more bright brown, than dark brown. Now these bright brown cabinets are legendary. (or just Extremely Hyper Ultra rare to find) Because they contain 2 special items along with the radar, like the flashlight, the sound muffler or just 3 common items like bsoda, quarters, chocolate bars.. 

The notebook radar always appears in the bright brown cabinets.

The notebook radar Helps you find all the notebooks, Its even useful because you can use it if you deactivated the generator and you dont have a flashlight, You can use it even without it equipped it.  Btw you can use it normally, on the school area. with lights on.. end of thinking capabilty

NOOWWW. This is the real last item i request: Backpack,

This is not found on drawers or cabinets, only in lockers. 

Chance of drop in locker: 78% , It gives you 3 extra slots, In total the player will have 6 inventory slots.

NOW. if Mystman12 ACTUALLY reads this. Please please please remember that if you want, and if you are adding 2 or 1 or whatever items, You can change the drop chance.

Thanks for your time!