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This game was unbelievable. I can say without a doubt this is going to be the most popular indie game which remains outside of the Triple A title. Developers, I cannot express enough how much you brought me back to my first real computer game. This game has emotion and genuine appeal which I found both satisfying and fantastically mystic. I want to see this game in full release. I want to play the game from beginning to end because there was such a rush in this Beta alone. The music was rustic and dramatic when I finally reached the Start Screen, However that happened around the midpoint. Despite if that was a bug, this game is so rewarding. I did not believe what I found in this game. This is truly incredible, nearly cinematic in the portrayal of both characters and environments. This was a very human experience which is rare across all gaming platforms. Even in the roots of this game the player is able to relate to the struggling lives of these people, as slaves who have escaped wretched tyranny. It is the century old struggle of fighting for freedom. This game is Cinematic and I could only hope to ever have a small part of what greatness will come from this game. Fantastic job, I can't wait to see more.