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This game looks like it is going to be awesome once it is completed.  I only had two major issues I wanted to address (other than minor bugs).  The first is that the controls are very frustrating for me to play on my laptop.  It runs fine, but it is nearly impossible to turn the camera using the trackpad while walking or running. I am using an HP omen, just to give further detail. Do you plan on allowing controller (Xbox one, specifically) use for this game rather than just the keyboard? The second thing, and this could definitley just be an oversight on my end or something I am doing wrong, but there are no other NPC's in the courtyard with me and I can't seem to go into any other areas where there might be, so I didn't really get to test out any of the hand to hand combat.  Other than that I am very excited for the continuing progress on this game, it looks like it is going to be phenomenal.

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Hi & thanks for giving the preview a go!

We hadn't anticipated on people trying to play using the trackpad, so everything is tested with a mouse and keyboard. We did include controller support (I will update the ingame cheat sheet), however that is only tested with an Xbox 360 controller so far. You should be able to plug in the controller at any time and control the character with that.

The courtyard is to display your creations so as soon as you create multiple characters, they will all show up in the courtyard. You can also spawn random characters by pressing 'insert' while in the location.

Thanks for the feedback, and good to see you're on board where we want to take this going forward!

- Khaya