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The game whas good but now you cannot passe the second lvl. 

What do you mean?   I pass the second level basically all the time.  (i assume you mean the second map)

- ennemy have construct deck, you have not a construct deck just a pile of random card and if your a lucky some are good.

At the start of the game you don't have much choice in followers, but you can remove followers from your deck.   You are supposed to gain more followers and choose which followers to put in your deck, and which ones to remove.     If you are dying on map 2, then maybe you aren't getting enough followers to actually be able to make deck choices.

-Your money food and hope are constantly drain by random event.

Events give you the choice to give people food, you don't actually have to do it.    There are many events that give you hope, not drain it.   Almost no event takes your money from you.  Its your choice to buy something.   It matters which things you buy, and which things you don't, and that's how it should be.

-leveling are a pill of bullshit paying for level up in a game you are constantly in a fight for your live not a good idea. 

There is strategy in when you choose to level.   You can just choose to level later, if you need the money for other things.

I love this game but the evolution is really worrisome to much RNG you need to have more control on your deck.

Every Roguelike game like this has some RNG....   However, your play mostly determines if you will win or lose.    I'm winning around 90% of my games on Normal difficulty.