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Like everyone else I'm just...I'm just so bad at this game. But I had a lot of fun! I've played a lot of Trauma Center in my day, so the concept was easy enough to pick up. I think my primary complaint was that what you were meant to use on what wasn't obvious, and there wasn't adequate time for trial and error. I managed to get most of it right about 10 rounds, but the first few were a bit frustrating. 
The click interactions weren't all responsive either, especially trying to click the bandaid. As through the actual cursor anchor were either inconsistent or just weird. 

With it being a jam game, though, I totally expect those sorts of things.

I REALLY had fun playing though, and I had a hard time stopping. It's very addictive and impressive for the amount of time it was built in.


Thanks for the feedback! We're working on some updates that will make it more accessible...

I really want to emphasize that I really had a lot of fun playing and it was goofy and fun. I feel I didn't do that enough before.....

It's all good. We watched and laughed, and watched some more.