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On second reading, the descriptions and books are fine. They just need some proof-reading and minor editing before finalisation. :)

For example, 'Gods hate this world and every one of its inhabitants indeed' might be better written as 'The Gods hate this world and all of its inhabitants'. If the 'indeed' is meant to lead on from 'previous work', as in to mean 'As we have previously establish', then it could also be written as 'Indeed, the Gods hate this world and all of its inhabitants'. There is also an error in that same note: 'Half of his village had fallen from [an some] unknown ailment'.

'I still hope that it was all but a wild tale. I still hope that the boy himself was not infected ...' Might also be better with a different tone, as it currently sounds like a fairy tale: 'I hope this is just delusion, and that the boy is not truly infected.'

There are also errors in The Big Book of Salamanders: 'Admittedly, some skill [an] magical inclination is needed', and 'Call forth [an an] inferno...' Also, 'As such, their essence [acquires] amazing thermic properties...' is that 'acquires' as in heat gives a salamander’s essence thermic properties, or is it meant to be 'has' as in a salamander's essence has thermic properties?

That said, outside of the dialogue, I would not consider any of these major issues. It is just occasionally a bit jarring.

It is also good to know the team is working on many of those gameplay issues. I'm looking forward to it. :D