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Just knocking the dust off this post.  Is version 1.3 around the corner?  I have models I want to use, but am unable to due to no true movement camera.


We're working on version 2.0 which will be a huge update. The whole program is written from scratch and adds numerous new features and improves on every single option. There's no release date yet but will soon set-up a special page about that. It'll be a free update.


Can't wait!

Would love a feature list teaser, like first-person camera, etc. =)

You can check out a feature list here, it's constantly updated :)

oops.  Meant to delete this post.  Thanks!  I ran across the page the other day.

Hi Kenney, when I export files to ue4, they're too small! How can I scale them or import them correctly? Thank you.

By importing them to a different scale.


How's it coming along?