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Hello. I would just like to say, what I have seen so far is really good. The game looks and feels good, though I do not enjoy the walking animation, the whole waddling feels weird.  But, it will grow on me over time. 

Also, I hope there would be a map in the final product. It is very difficult for me to navigate through the dungeon without a map, showing me where I have already explored would be greatly appreciated. I lost count, the amount of times I kept revisiting the same location.

Finally, I would like to know if you would put this title an in  'early access'  state. I think giving players an opportunity to  play the game  at such a state, would offer invaluable feedback to the devs. It would also help advertise the game to a larger audience.  Just something to think about :)

Anyways good luck on the kickstarter! I hope you reach the necessary funding!