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These click-only controls are cumbersome and I hate them. I like the idea of modernizing the roguelike genre but only when there is clear improvement, if this was C:DDA or something I would be able to get out of cell in 3 seconds.

I'd recommend you guys play Tome4 to get a feel for how to complement mouse controls with keyboard ones (things like numpad movement, pickup below, take all shortcut, bump attacks, and activate hotkey leading into arrow key highlight), right now it just feels clunky and dangerously inaccurate. Other than that the game looks like it would be fun once it feels better.

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ToME4 is one of our favorite games. Keyboard controls were cut out like a week before the release due to some nasty bugs they produced, which couldn't be quickly fixed. It's a temporary measure. We'll need to rewrite a big chunk of the core game's code to fix it. Current state of affairs isn't how game controls were intented to be.