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Thanks so much for the feedback.

I def wish I had more time to put into the narrative and tweak many of the immersive features. This was only a solo project over a day and a half. Sadly, I wasn't available for the whole time and put together a rough idea that was floating in my head.

I will say that the ending that's currently in place has an implicit meaning which I wondered if it came across through the narrative. Mind you, I also wanted people to interpret the ending in their own way. This is why I'm finding feedback like this very helpful as it will help me build on those narrative skills a little more. So, thank you! :) 

I def want to develop this further and build on the narrative. 

ps - Your game sounds great! I'll play your game the first chance I get.  I've been finding the apk games easier to play. The windows ones are a little more difficult for me at the moment.