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needs a teleport this scifi walking sim demo should be taken with a film so there is at least some entertainment, thin story, little to captivate...

I agree, the ending seemed very abrupt and, although the story and environment felt very interesting, we never found out what had really happened *spoilers* since our ship simply floats towards the final construct but we don't get to see what happens inside, and we never encounter the strange creatures made by the scientists or even find out what happened to them (although I presume they were all killed, I'm not sure if I missed a text box or two to fill me in on some more info- as far as I can tell the scientists have a plan to try and escape and I guess the sky monument killed them all). Would love to know what the monuments were and why the aliens were so hostile, but I guess we're not supposed to know.

Hi Censing, There is an extended ending as part of the mobile VR version of Inside the Void. You can explore the final structure as well as encounter additional story elements. Recently, I have not had the time to translate that ending over to the PC version here on itch, but I am hoping to get that done in the near future.