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Yep that made the trick!

what did you fix ? (i'm curious, i used eclipse some years ago)

There wasn't any problem i could notice this time. (until my death that is, this third fight is hard >.>)

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The problem lies within the fact that i didn't specify which version of the "res" (resources : images,animation,sound) and also Library files for the Jar to use..

since Jar files are basically glorified "executable" zip files, there's also a copy of the same "res" and Library inside the jar itself when i export it! but this time i forgot about the Library while finishing up, so i had a runtime exception! (which doesn't show unless you run the game via console commands)

as for the reason why it was working for me, probably the Jar used a Library it found somewhere on my computer...
honestly though, i have no clue why it worked for a while; and then stopped working completely #ProgrammerProblems, but at least it works now! :D

as for the third level, are you referring to the Lizard Warrior-Archer combo? the main trick is to remember that the Lizards have life-steal, BUT the "Hug" ability shields you from EVERYTHING.. so timing, and also conserving your AP before the fight is crucial!

also, one last thing... as a developer, you're one of the few people who actually showed interest in my game, and helped the development of the game; so for that, i want to say thank you!


P.S do you have any ideas for the game? i might consider adding it to my to-do list!