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Thank you for your video and feedback!

>the game is slow

Yes, indeed. It's slow because enemies hurt a lot, you have to manage items etc. this need to be slow to incentive the player to think before move, it's not a hack n slash game.

>level design

In fact, you are making progress. If you explore you'll find upgrades, money, secrets, lore, npcs etc. I want the player to feel lost and desolated, but I know that the player can overcome the odds if he really tries his best! The looping nature of the level design is something that helps to create a better sense of space, at least is what I think. Metroidvanias do this a lot.

Again, thank you for your feedback!

Just to be clear, when I talk about "not making progress," I'm referring to the fact that after playing for ~35 mins, I was still starting at the very beginning of the game (no save points reached). 

You're welcome and keep up the good work!