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Thank you for your video and feedback!
"The guns feel utterly useless against two thirds of the enemies I encountered due to the dissipation of the projectile, the lack of aim and the height of some of the enemies"

That is your first gun and it is used primarily to stun enemies, The limitation of the aim system is a design choice to create new strategies to deal with out of sigh enemies(trowing grenades, using a sniper rifle, using drones or getting to a higher place).

Btw, why didn't you use the dash? It's definitely would help in the combat!

"but it seems, to me, to clash harshly with the resource based ammo and healing system. "

That is something I'm still testing, indeed right now this system can lead to a soft lock if the player tries to play like a hack n slash... so I'll try to improve if until the final release

again, thank you for your feedback!

Yeah, I understand that the starter weapon isn't meant to feel all that powerful, but unless many of the later weapons have either a homing ability to make enemies above or below the plane of fire or a much larger area of effect, I can't see there being many situations where a gun would ever be more useful than a melee hit and run tactic. Using a resource to do damage vs free damage, albeit with higher risk of damage, to me seems to favor the latter in most situations simply because there is no aim. As cluttered, cramped and vertical as many of the levels are, using a resource free attack that won't miss simply due to a incline seems like the favorable choice.

As for the dash, I don't think it was tutorialized all that well. I think putting the player in a safe situation where they're forced to use it would drive home that it's an important mechanic, because once I moved on from that section, and the fact that it was a directional input combo and not a dedicated button, I completely forgot about it.