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I have turned my antivirus off because that was the first problem But Its still not working i will provide whats happening!
*Yes i am Using Windows 10*
I tried extacting it i tried re copying it I Tried redownloading it a bunch of times!

Once i somehow made it start but When the Coding screen was on and my cursor changed i waited for a
While and decided to Click the screen because that works with most of my games: Minecraft,roblox,sims 4, Tomb Raider (whenever it freezes i click it wait a few secs and it goes back to normal) but this time it just went gray i let it run for hour and a half and it still didnt change at all. I dont know how to do this anymore but seems like there is atleast 6 endings of this
Here This is a vid This happens like every time now besides not opening, stopping/freezing, anti Virused Atd

*sorry for the bad quality i use obs on bad settings*

You have 32 bits or 64 bits? To see it just use the windows key, search for system and then check "System type"