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Today I was able to finally play REDO!, to say the least I was shocked. This game has so much to offer the indie community. The music automatically establishes the desolate tone we experience for the rest of the game. Outside of a few bugs, this game has a smooth and immersive atmosphere. Constantly throughout my game I was questioning why the character is where she is and how the world became so broken. It is games like this one which make a genre of their own. Clearly this is a pixelated adventure/ RPG but I believe it is so much more. It is 2018 where the only thing we see in the media is realistic-human graphics, games like this need to exist to remind us there is more to a game's code than its outer appearance. I hold no bars for this game's graphics, the art is wonderful and perhaps a few moving images might make this game even more so enticing. The mechanics of this game have been programmed tightly to where the player is fully accountable for their actions within the game. It is fair. I will be following the  development of this game until the full release comes to fruition, until then I recommend you find out what REDO! can teach you about the indie side of gaming. For now I must bid you a GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT!

Thank you so much for your video and feedback, it was great to see your thoughts while you play. and i'm happy that you didn't give up, and did your best to finish it! thank you!