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Aight, never tried Bokube before so this is a deep dive I guess.

  • Cute! The menu is really enjoyable.
  • At some points the camera proves to be a bit of a problem, at least when the platform that you're standing on  is under another object
  • Just some notices on "level" related mechanics. Got myself stuck in two different suicide situations. Accidental pushed the box onto a staircase , didn't managed to remove it.
  • Same goes for a situation where I got a box through a portal. Suicide was the only viable option. Now these things happening are kind of ok, restart is simple and goes relatively quick (at least on this particular level), but I think I'd be pretty pissed off if it accidentally happened on a more frustrating level
  • The pig level is kind of fun, but some of the more hectic parts was really frustrating.  The pigs as a mechanic is pretty fine, but I really didn't find the fast pace to be in the games favor. I did much more prefer the earlier level.

You've got a pretty polished game here,  much of what can makes this game good relies on your skills as a level designer. A bit frustrating at times, but overall pretty enjoyable.  Keep it up!

Sound effects were really cute too,