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Yo Mo! Thanks for jumping in on the jam and your timing is perfect! And it seems like we’re getting a handful of LD#41 jammers crossing over (although I should mention, this jam was totally planned before their theme dropped- sort of a crazy coincidence, I think) Anyway, to answer your question, I’m actually not sure of what the standard is for posting devlogs on the community feed. But, I personally don’t mind- I might start a main “Devlog” section and then just post replies (to your own post within the main devlog) to keep it nice and concise. What do you think about that? Let me know, I like your idea!

Yes, that'll be a great idea. In that way, I think it encourages people to share their progress, struggles and achievements.

Actually, just start a new post for your own devlog (I think that will be more organized in the end) sorry for the back and forth on this and I'm glad you brought it up! :D