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First off, I just want to say this game is amazing. My whole school LOVES this game, and we are always constantly playing it. I'm very passionate about this game and I would love for you to hear my suggestions.

1) I would love to see a leveling system. The levels could unlock emotes, or skins, or whatever you want.

2) A log in function, so you could save your level, and load it on to another computer.

3) With an account, you could create a stat sheet, with kills, wins, deaths.

Anyways, I just want to reiterate that fact that this game is amazing. Please take these suggestions into consideration. Take care.

they are adding that in. If you check thier update logs, the developers of surviv are going to add in cities, rivers, and accounts



i would like to thank you for suggesting these features to the developers. i don't know if you influenced them in adding 2 and 3, but 1 also seems like an amazing idea!