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Yo pecosghost! I totally understand your concern... It's actually the exact reason that I was a little weary about the theme in the first place. I think your best bet would be the characters "inspired" by route (check out my News post for an example of this) Although, you bring up a great point about the possibility of the games falling under parody "protection" that might definitely be the case! Very interesting, I'll have to look into that. Regardless, just use your best judgement and if nothing else- feel free to mashup something else (I'm completely fine with you coming up with a theme you feel more comfortable doing, just be sure to define the new theme on your game page). Thanks for the post, I'm glad you brought it up and hopefully someone here has a more concrete answer then me regarding the copyright stuff ;)

Thx for the reply

I actually don't want to do a different theme since I already have my game started.

but its good to know there is an alternative, just in case thx