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You may be the third person ever using gamepad  :-) The game uses the html5 gamepad api.

What Operating System/Browser/Joystick do you use ? Is it an analog (stick) or digital one (pad) ?

Does connecting the joystick before starting the browser or reloading the page after connecting it improve things ? 

Is e.g. the menu pointer moving by itself ? Because ...

Guess 1: A joystick option turned on which causes firing of events continuously, e.g. autofire ?
Guess 2: Maybe your joystick is an analog stick and  in rest position yields already an axis value which is above the fixed threshold I have chosen (0.25). I did not implement a full calibration process. Worked for my XBOX controller and logitech precision pad in tests. 

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Hi, I use Windows 7 64-bit, the latest Google Chrome and Logitech Rumblepad 2 joypad. It has both analog and digital mode that is switchable with a button. The down direction in menus only works when the analog mode is on. I have tested the gamepad with other games and it works fine. I have tried disconnecting the gamepad and reloading the page to see if the keyboard controls work without the gamepad but they don't...

The menu pointer does not move by itself and my joypad doesn't have autofie.  I have since managed to get into the game by rapidly pressing random buttons on the joypad but I don't seem to be able to control any player in-game with my joypad or keyboard. Thanks for the help.

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So, summarizing,  now keyboard no longer works but it did in the past, regardless if joystick is connected or not. That is strange. You could make a test however by starting the browser with/without gamepad connected.  On my Ubuntu 16.04 and OSX 10.11.4 both with Chrome 66.0.3359.139 (64 bit) it works. Have no 64 bit windows box for test.

Yes, that is correct, the keyboard worked a month ago when I played the game for the first time but it no longer works. Maybe a browser update broke something?

I already tried starting the browser with and without the gamepad connected. Same results. Thanks for helping me out.