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Just making sure I have it right: If I buy from I just get the Steam key not the install files  DRM free ?

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It's a steam key, do you think it is better to keep be a drm-free version here?

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Many games on are DRM free but not all are and I was unsure with yours. There is no rule and no right or wrong answer to it. I was just making sure of what to expect.


We like to see DRM free builds on We try to make it as easy as possible for people to deploy their builds here.

I got it, but unpacked build is 2gb size, it's more then the provide to upload. 


I removed your upload limit. Keep in mind that games over 2gb can not be uploaded through your browser, and you need to use our command line tool: Tell me if you need any help

Thank you for your assistance

Thanks for encouraging DRM-free releases!

If I buy this do I still get a Steam key please?

Yes, you will.

Yes DRM free version here would be much better option.

It's coming soon